Words Of Wisdom In Business From Serial Entrepreneur Josh Verne

Businessman Josh Verne made an appearance on the Knowledge for Men podcast show. This show hosts successful businessman who have launched their own businesses. During the interview, Josh Verne was asked about what made him successful and what tips he could give to other men looking to break through in business.


One of the biggest takeaways from the interview is that Josh Verne said that he wished he would have paid greater attention to the advice of those around him much sooner. It is too easy to ignore or dismiss the advice of subordinates or colleagues. This is especially true when you are the boss and people work for you says Josh Verne.


Paying attention to what others say can teach you a lot on how you can improve your business or product. It can also give you new insight into how you run your business that you may have never noticed before. A quote that Josh Verne threw out during the interview is that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. It is so you can listen more than you talk. By following this “saying” you will learn a lot and realize a lot of new things.


Josh Verne also said to to be a truly successful leader instead of just a boss is that you must treat your employees with respect and earn their trust and respect. A boss commands and people listen to him because of their rank. A leader on the other hand is listened to because he or she values the opinion of those beneath them as well as their colleagues. By being a leader and team player you will be much more productive than if you were just a boss who sits in his office all day.


Josh Verne is a businessman who resides in the Philadelphia suburbs. He is married, has kids and says that spending time with his family is one of the most important things any father can do. His businesses include FlockU, a website that allows college students to share news, tips and help each other through the web.


Mr. Verne is also involved in the furniture business. He has warehouses that supply retailers in the Philadelphia metro area and beyond. Josh has also helped launch Work Pays Me, a financial payment company that helps employees receive pay directly.


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