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In today’s business world, SEO strategy and content has become extremely important when marketing a business known online. Using keywords properly in a SEO strategy is important if not more than the actual strategy itself. If one has a solid SEO strategy but poor keywords or keyword usage, then the SEO content and strategy will be far less effective.

Things One Needs to Know When Placing SEO Keywords

When creating quality SEO content, there are a few things that every content writer needs to be aware of. The first place that one needs to place their keyword is in the page title. This is one of the first places that search engines search when pulling up results. One should also remember to use their keywords within their meta description. Although this description is not actually used to boost search rankings, users can still be targeted in this description, which will help to improve one’s click-through rate.

How Many Times Should One Use SEO Keywords

Other than in one’s page title, each keyword should be used at least two to three times throughout the page. However, this greatly depends on how much content is available on that given page. For instance, if one’s content is only 150 words, using multiple keywords two to three times might be considered keyword stuffing. The best way to avoid doing this is to read the content once it is finished. After reading through the content, if one feels like the keyword was used too often then it most likely was.

How To Choose the Right Keywords for One’s Content

The only way that SEO content can work effectively is if the keywords that are used are accurate and relevant to the material. When writing the content, one should think about what words are the most important to them, and which words will actually give more insight to what the written piece is actually about. One needs to make sure that the snippet that their audience gets when searching in a search engine is easier to ready. One can do this by using the right keywords rather than just stuffing the meta description and page title full of random keywords.

Testimonials about White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a media firm that deals in creating websites, SEO content, SEM content, and Pay-per-click content for their clients. They have worked with a number of different types of businesses, and according to their clients, White Shark Media is a large part of their online success.

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