White Shark Media Knows How To Stay Ahead Of Search Engine Algorithm Updates

Search engines have evolved over the years. It’s been a cat-and-mouse game between SEO’s and search engine algorithm writers. When a new algorithm goes into effect on one of the world’s biggest search engines, SEO’s must figure out how to adapt with the changing dynamic.

The internet is vast and you can still see the dinosaurs of search engines past. You may run into a meta description that is packed full of keywords, essentially repeating nonsense over and over again. This was the old “black hat” way of tricking a search engine into ranking your page higher on SERPS. It was easy and it worked, but the paradigm has shifted.

Instead, you should use your keywords carefully and target your content to attract the user, rather than impressing a search engine’s algorithm. By doing so, not only do you make the new organic search engine algorithms happy, you also attract a more niche audience that is interested in your site, blog or product. It’s a win-win situation.

There are a few hints that you can use that will not only make your website a lot easier to navigate, but will also shoot you up in the rankings. The first hint is to use your keyword in the title of your page. Then sprinkle your keyword two or three more times in your content. Place the keyword in the headline at the top of your page for ease of use and don’t forget to give your images alt descriptions, titles and captions that may include your keyword. Just don’t go overboard or the search engines will rank you lower for keyword stuffing.

White Shark Media recommends using keyword evaluation tools. You can see what the general public likes to search relating to your business so that you can better understand how to reach your audience. If you break down your keywords effectively and use them to create your content, then you should have no problem reaching your audience and your content will be evergreen; never needing to change with search engine algorithm updates.

White Shark Media is one of the fastest growing digital agencies in North America because they understand how these search engine trends work, and how to weather the changes. This boutique agency has flourished, helping small- and medium-sized businesses succeed. They increase conversion rates and decrease the cost per conversion through cutting-edge insights and analytical tools.

Source: White Shark Blog

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