Wengie draw my life.

Wengie is a famous youtuber with a lot of life experience. She was born early January 1986. As a kid growing up she used to enjoy sucking on food to get all the flavoring out. Wengi was a huge fan of ice cream. She got at least one scoop every week with her grandparents.


Her family went to Australia when she was four years old. It took some getting used to, but she enjoyed the long adventure. Living in a new area took some time to get used to as her parents had to settle down and find new jobs. Wengie spent a lot of time playing with handcrafted toys. She really loved robots, transformers, and anime productions. Wengie considered herself as a tomboy.


Her family was focusing on saving as much money as possible by using second-hand goods. The vacuum that they used was donated by someone else. Once Wengie’s parents got a new job, she was able to happily move to a more luxurious place in Sydney.


As she went on to high school she started to try really hard to make new friends. Wengie developed much better social skills, but the beginning phases of the internet were out. She chatted with other people around the world in chat rooms and even made her own website showing of her anime drawing skills and love for ninja turtles.


During her final years of high school her mom got pregnant with a little boy named Jim. Jim was a fan of Wengie. He would sing and cheer her on during finals. She wanted to work with graphic design and fashion when she was older, but decided to take an accounting scholarship to help pay some of the university fees.


Her university life consisted of frequent night classes, summer classes, and full-time work. She also grew a strong work ethic. Wengie got a job at a big accounting firm. She liked it, but went into a social media consultant. Wengie had to be available 24 hours a day and liked. Now she works on blogs and Youtube.