Want to Find a Home with Lawn Space in New York? Try TOWN Residential

As most people know, finding a home with a fair-sized lawn in New York state for less than half a million dollars is difficult. New York has so many inhabitants, especially New York City, and that’s exactly why apartments or homes with lawns for decent prices are few and far between. As a matter of fact, on August 20th, 2015, the website Street Easy only 156/373 apartments listed had lawn space – those who do not live in New York may find it hard to believe. Not surprisingly, even fewer homes had patios, decks, and balconies.

Owning a home in New York with a large yard (let alone any yard space) is something to brag about. TOWN Residential is New York’s leading luxury real estate services firm in seeking NYC apartments for rent. TOWN Residential is one of the best real estate businesses in all of New York, let alone the entire United States of America. TOWN has won several awards and accumulated a few accolades, some of which include: “Best Firm to Work For” and was named one of the “Top 50 Best Place to Work in New York City.”

TOWN Residential offers some of the best, most helpful real estate services found in New York. TOWN lists houses from upwards of $20 million to as low as under $500,000. TOWN primarily services clients seeking luxury housing.

Houses with lawn space are available in all boroughs of New York City, some more than others. For example, there is not much space in the Bronx, but there is a lot of houses with lawns in Manhattan, albeit expensive.

Potential home buyers seeking out houses for sale in New York state with lawn space need not worry – those who are already seeking homes in New York probably have a somewhat high budget to work with, and can afford the high price of living in New York state; New York City, even more so.

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