Vinod Gupta’s Involvement With The Spread Of Education In India

India is coming a long ways from the place it was when Mahatma Gandhi had a vision for its independence and bright national future. One man who’s helping make it into a place where young people’s education can thrive is Vinod Gupta, a managing partner of the Everest Group and a pioneer of information marketing. Gupta has helped small villages and remote areas come out of the dark ages and establish new schools and libraries. The village he grew up in even has a women’s polytechnic institute now. Gupta has also given to American education and health foundations, and at one point he was a top consideration for ambassador to Fiji.

Vinod Gupta was CEO for over 30 years, though it started out as American Business Lists when he first founded it. He had come all the way from a remote village in northern India and a background of poverty to completing a master’s degree and working at Commodore Corporation, a mobile home manufacturer and supplier. His business idea started when he needed to buy yellow page phone books to look up mobile home dealers around the nation, and he realized he could use all kinds of business information as a middleman business-to-business firm. That’s when American Business Lists started with $100 and mailing lists, and gradually Gupta brought in many clients.

Vinod Gupta turned ABL into a company with holdings in marketing research and data analytics companies, and that prompted him to rebrand the company to InfoUSA later on since it now had additional resources. Vinod Gupta and his team grew from just a few employees to several hundred and the company’s operations modernized into computer databases over the years. Eventually Gupta decided to sell it to a large corporation for over $600 million. He still invests in other business data companies as managing partner of the Everest Group.

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