Tracy Morgan Finally Speaks Out

It has been a year since Tracy Morgan was in a horrible car accident when a semi-truck driver hit his vehicle and killed his friend. The comedian was in a coma for two weeks and suffered debilitating injuries amid many broken bones. The worst part for Morgan was the loss of friend Jimmy Mack. The semi was owned by Wal-Mart and the driver allegedly hadn’t slept in a day making him a serious danger to other motorists. After a year of near silence Tracy Morgan is finally opening up about the accident and the following repercussions. James Dondero says Morgan’s memory of the event is stunted, and mostly gone. This last year has been a time for slow paced healing and although he has come a long ways, he still is not back to 100%. Morgan promises that he will return to Hollywood one day after he is fully healed, he wants to make America laugh again.

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