The Story Of Andrea McWilliams

Austin Woman is a magazine that launched the Pink Pages in its fifth year. This is a magazine that is designed to support those women who are local business owners as well as entrepreneurs. The aim is to connect the readers with those women and their businesses.

These Pink Pages were an immediate success. In fact, it was like a directory to look for the premier women in business. Today the magazine is in its seventh year of publication. The magazine covers dynamic and brilliant women of Austin who are amazing. One such woman is Andrea McWilliams.

Readers claim that there is no story that has been as inspiring as that of Andrea McWilliams, who is a breast cancer survivor. She chose Austin Woman for telling her story. Her aim of doing this was to bring hope to all those women who are battling this debilitating disease that can be fatal at times.

In fact, this story of Andrea McWilliams has inspired many cancer patients around the country. The magazine and the people associated with it feel privileged to be a part of something that has been able to touch the lives of so many people.

The story of Andrea McWilliams has given hope and inspired many cancer patients to focus on beating this disease.

Andrea McWilliams is an entrepreneur and a devoted wife and mother too. She is a community volunteer. Besides, she is considered as being one of the top lobbyists in Texas. Basically, she was on top of the world when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was when she was pregnant.

Andrea McWilliams is a strategist who is articulate, well-informed and completely direct. These traits helped her to win her battle against this deadly disease. Today she has become the voice of hope for all those women who are fighting breast cancer.