The Popularity of EOS Lip Balms Continues to Rise with Their Latest Addition

Evolution of Smooth has become known for the way their lip balms appeal to all of the senses. This is seen once again with the introduction of the company’s new clear line of balms known as Crystal balms. Not only are these little orbs completely transparent, but they are also one hundred percent vegan. This new line is quickly becoming popular among fans who already use other products in the EOS family as well as with people who had previous ingredient limitations. In fact, these new Crystal lip balms are so popular that they sold out the same day they were released.

The popularity of the new balms from EOS comes as no surprise to those who have been using them from the beginning. Since their launch a little over seven years ago, these palm-sized balms have been seen in the hands and on the lips of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. The team behind the development of Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms took a chance on creating something different from what was currently on the market, which has definitely paid off for them. In addition to changing the shape of the balm and its container from the traditional tube to a sphere, they also added features that would stimulate the senses.

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The new vegan Crystal line of balms from EOS are not the first products from this company to contain natural ingredients. The company’s line of Organic lip balms features more than eight lip smacking flavors made with ingredients that have been certified by the USDA to be one hundred percent organic, buy here at Many of these ingredients are also sustainably sourced, which makes them Eco-friendly as well. Containing ingredients such as natural jojoba oil, Shea butter, melon and honeysuckle extracts, it is easy to see why these hydrating balms are so popular.

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