The Life Accomplishments of Sanjay Shah and His Company, Solo Capital.

Sanjay Shah is one of the leading business persons in the London. The British millionaire is the founder of Solo Capital, a worldwide financial boutique firm, which is currently regulated by the government of United Kingdom. Solo Capital’s incorporation was done in September 2011. The company started in 2008 after Mr. Shah decided quit his job as an accountant in a bank based in North London. He is highly experienced and informed on the finance sector since he has been an active participant in the industry for several years. Shah was not contented with working as an employee in other companies and opened Solo Capital immediately after he was declared redundant during a financial crisis by a bank he served.

Solo Capital’s first premise was in a small rented office on the outskirts of London. The company started off with a few employees, but it has currently grown and has offered jobs to thousands of professionals. The firm also owns buildings that house its offices. Solo Capital as a business has been successful and has earned Mr. Shah significant profits, which have enabled him town other thriving enterprises. Reports releases for the fiscal year that was closed in March 2015 indicate that the company’s assets and net worth were 67.45 and 15.45 million pounds respectively.

Sanjay Shah’s family went to the United Kingdom several years ago from Kenya. The financial state of is parents was good, and hence they lived in one of the prestigious estates in London. Shah first practiced as a medical professional, and he quit the career due to lack of passion and joined the finance sector to serve as an accountant. Mr. Shah owns property and businesses that are worth million, and he perceives himself as a retired person.
Sanjay Shah is an active participant in philanthropic activities. He is the proprietor of the Autism Rocks Foundation, which has been offering support to organizations that research on autism and creating awareness on the disease. The charity organization’s funds are raised by throwing musical gigs. Sanjay’s opened the body after doctors diagnosed his son to be affected by the neurodevelopmental disorder.


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