The Academy of Art University – Unleashing Global Fashion

The Academy of Art University was first established in 1929 as a privately-owned school, called the Académie of Advertising Art. It was not until the 70’s that a master’s degree was introduced in the school. From then on, the school has been a global hub for art, with the student body representing over 112 countries.

Just recently, the School of Fashion, at the Academy of Art University, hosted its 21st runway show in Skylight Clarkson Square, on 9th September 2017. The show’s significance can be grasped by the fact that its audience included many influential figures from the fashion industry that could steer the student’s careers towards success.

Many of the students came from various backgrounds, cultures, and countries, the diversity within their fashion sense shined through, on the runway. Hailun Zhou, an MFA fashion design student from China, was able to make clothes from materials such as vinyl and PVC pipes, after taking inspiration from a creative concept class. Students have also been able to incorporate more diverse themes within their lines, such as sustainability and emotions; This was achieved by using varying materials such as recycled rubber bike tubes from sports basement for sustainability and soft and rich materials to represent warmth and comfort.

Further ideas included bringing one’s own landscape portraits to the fabric and using those to create lines, as well as, using heritage to take inspiration for materials. Joanna Jadallah, was one such student that took inspiration from her ancestors that had to flee Palestine, her line featured clothes made with light wool, lambskin leather, cashmere knits and brocades. Inspiration has also bee gathered by students, from architecture, Japanese Samurai’s, expression of light, and other cultures.

Due to the university’s reach and prestige, as well as, their own grooming, a majority of these students were able to get opportunities for growth within the industry. Some were chosen for the CFDA fashion future graduate showcase. While others got recognition, semesters abroad in Paris and internships with various designers and studios such as Max Studio and Joseph Domingo.