Dr. David Samadi’s SMART Technique Elevates Him Among His Peers

Dr. David Samadi, a celebrity urologist and oncologist developed the SMART technique for his patients. This technique is now highly regarded as a great way to preserve sexual function. This robotic surgical technique has led to the elevation of Dr. David Samadi among his peers that are doctors and other health professionals. This technique was designed to be minimally invasive, one of the most discussed topics among surgeons today. When these techniques were to focus on the level of minimal invasion in the beginning stages, it was to ensure that patients would have less pain as well as a way to get back to their normal activities faster. This procedure is a form of laparoscopic surgery, and is focused on serving the patient better, as well as the ability to minimize their time on medication after surgery.

As a surgeon, Dr. Samadi has been focused on treating those in the area of urology. Additionally, Dr. Samadi is known for his expertise in urologic oncology, handling numerous cases of prostate cancer with great success. Over his years in practice as a surgeon, Dr. Samadi has been able to modify various techniques, bringing him to put them all together to aid in the formation of this SMART technique for his surgical patients. This advanced robotic technology was designed for aiding in the removal of cancerous prostates, with the hopes that these patients will be able to preserve their sexual function. This has been one of the most important side effects of those who have come to him for help, seeking this robotic technique in prostate surgery.

Any time that the SMART technique is being used in a surgical procedure, Dr. Samadi himself is the only doctor to perform them. There are three highlights of this technique that Dr. Samadi focuses on including:

• Removal of cancerous cells within the prostate

• Ability to resume sexual activity after surgery

• Ability to gain urinary control after prostate surgery

With multiple nerves and veins in the surrounding area of the prostate, it is of utmost importance that Dr. Samadi is able to help his patients regain their quality of life once surgery is over. The prostate, although the size of a walnut, must be carefully removed in order to preserve the area nearby. The overall goals are to help patients enjoy their life with a greater quality, as well as a certain level of normalcy.

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