The contributions of Sheldon Lavin beyond OSI Group

One of the qualities of a great leader is the passion he/she puts into helping other people an also the dedication to take part in courses bigger than company profits and operations. To find these qualities in a CEO of a big company like OSI Group is not only refreshingly good but also raises one’s optimism of a better future for the coming generation. Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, and it his philanthropic involvements and environmental conservation efforts that have clouded his largely successful stint at OSI Group.

Most industry leaders and executives of Lavin’s age would be retired by now, but not Sheldon Lavin. At 83yrs, Lavin is still steering OSI Group, in a bid to take the company to the next step. Of prime importance, are Lavin’s efforts towards sustainable growth and reduction of environmental pollution from the company’s operations. Resultantly, Sheldon Lavin has influenced the adoption of new technologies and strategies that complement OSI’s sustainability vision of eco-friendly food production.

Awards & recognition, and philanthropy

His efforts and those of his company have not gone unnoticed and, as such, OSI Group and Sheldon Lavin have been bestowed with several esteemed sustainability awards. These include the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour, the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award, the California Green Business Award, and the Global Visionary Award. These awards are proof of the passion Lavin’s heart harbors for the natural environment and, more so, for the community. This is why Lavin is heavily involved in numerous philanthropic activities such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities. To know more about him click here.

Big on family

Sheldon Lavin, in his entire career, has always maintained the sense of family and community. His leadership at OSI Group speaks depths of his appreciation for the next person’s opinion and thoughts. Lavin believes that the best ideas are born in people’s brains, and a good leader should avail an avenue for the digestion and implementation for new ideas. Lavin may have built one of the biggest food companies but he draws the most pride in raising his family and also giving back to his community.