Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers Talks About His Music And Personal Life In Interview

One-half of the alternative pop music duo known as The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall, recently discussed his feelings about today’s music industry and how he began his career as an artist in an interview he did with He stated that he started DJing when he was a minor growing up in his home state of New York, and after he completed a few gigs around his area, he later managed to turn his skills as a record-spinner into a career. He formed The Chainsmokers with partner Rhett Bixler, who for reasons unknown, left the band, which led to a replacement member named Andrew Taggart being brought in. Taggart was a student at Syracuse University at the time, but he was also interested in learning about DJing and the EDM genre, so he ended up being a good fit.

When asked about how he approaches writing songs for the band, Alex Pall told the interviewer that he bases his songwriting on the things he cares about the most, whether it’s his personal interests or political ideas. One of The Chainsmokers’ most popular songs is Closer, which was co-written by Andrew Taggart and another friend of theirs, and Alex Pall said that he was pleased with the fact that the duo both produced and sang the hit song, because he feels that not too many artists do that these days. He also said that he liked working with the singer Halsey on the song, due to the fact that he likes her unique style and strong voice. The Chainsmokers have had a number of popular tunes to reach the airways over the years, but Closer is the one that won them a Grammy.

Although the band has achieved a great amount of success with their songs, they are not the kind of guys who are interested in buying expensive cars, according to Alex Pall. His biggest purchase so far has been a Hollywood Hills home, which was decorated by Peti Lau, an interior designer who is known for her Aristo Freak style. The talented EDM artist says that more great music from The Chainsmokers will be coming out soon.