Securus Technologies, Advances That Benefit All

Technology isn’t something people often think about when they hear about correctional facilities. Today’s reality tells us that technology is critical when it comes to keeping everyone on both sides of the fence safe. Securus Technologies, a Texas-based correctional facility management company, has upped the ante. They’ve found a way to curtail illegal cell phone usage in facilities. This has become a growing concern among the staff within jails and prisons. With Securus Technologies having over 30 years‘ experience in telecommunications in corrections, it only makes sense that they were motivated to find a solution to the growing problem.


Traditionally, Securus Technologies is best known for their calling plans and premium services like video visitation. They also play a vital role in the management of correctional facilities as well. Software applications and monitoring services are among the most popular services they offer to facilities. The new technology that’s been developed is known as Wireless Containment Systems. Appropriately titled, the devices work as cell towers within the confines of the facility. Instead of connecting calls with their “usual” network, they block the device from making any contact with an external source. The technology has proven itself to be rather promising in its trial phase(s). Well over a million communications attempts have been blocked thus far.


While the project has reported great success, there have been roadblocks along the way. The FCC disputed the legality of the devices, sourcing that they might interfere with another tower. Fortunately, Securus Technologies was able to prove the devices to be in compliance and has pushed forward since the challenge. Supporters of the project are hopeful that the devices might become a required technology in all facilities. Already impressed with the current monitoring services, facility staff and management are looking forward to the value added safety and security of the Wireless Containment Systems.


Among the strongest of supporters is a retired officer in the prison system by the name of Robert Johnson. His job was to confiscate items that were considered to be contraband. He confiscated a highly valued package that was associated with a prison gang. He was made the target of violence by the use of an illegal device. A former inmate was able to communicate with prisoners to carry out a shooting at Johnson’s home. Shot six times, he’s still very much alive, and fighting to get the technology implemented as quickly as possible. He currently works as a consultant and liaison between the facilities and Securus Technologies.


Despite all the great advances, Securus Technologies has still kept its customers as the primary focus. The company has made a great impression with over 95 percent of its customers reporting that they’ve been happy with the customer service they’ve received. It will be great to see the new technology working to keep everyone safe and sound inside and outside of the facilities.