Sanford’s Ex-Wife Gets Some Revenge In Online Ad

Former South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford decided to take a humorous approach to both addressing her ex-husband’s adultery that ended their marriage and her support of a Democratic candidate for the office of South Carolina Secretary of State.

The online video for Democrat Ginny Deerin has Sanford talking only about “Mark”—the name of both her ex-husband, the state’s former governor, and incumbent Republican Mark Hammond. Despite the endorsement, Sanford has described herself as a conservative Republican

Using language that implies she’s speaking about a cheating spouse, the cheeky comments continue until an unseen person says, “We are talking about Mark Hammond, right?” I’ve watched it a couple times now and I’m planning on showing the video to Tom as soon as I can. He’ll get a kick out of it.

Her ex-husband wasn’t damaged too badly from a political standpoint, though any hopes of a longshot run for the White House effectively died once the affair with his Argentinian mistress became public.

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  1. In the spot, she ties both her husband’s affair and the biggest criticism of Hammond—that he only shows up for work three days a week. After leaving office as governor, he was elected to Congress. It is also very important that to write paper should be the first thing they will consider.

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