Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions Offers Insight on Wealth Creation

We all have different needs in life. Whether an individual is just starting up or trying to build a strong foundation in career, investing in wealth creation is an essential aspect of life that requires a customized financial roadmap. According to Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions, everyone needs a concrete plan to assist them to pursue business goals. By providing financial services to the people of Austin, Texas, Mr. Blair focuses on guiding his clients through their retirement planning.

Financial Planning

To create a comprehensive financial plan for clients, Richard Dwayne Blair uses an approach that has three pillars. Through this pillars, he scrutinizes a client’s current financial situation. He also uses the components to assess a client’s retirement needs with the aim to provide a comprehensive plan. Here are the three pillars Mr. Blair uses to establish a healthy financial plan for his clients.

Pillar One

The design of the first pillar lays out a client’s financial roadmap by determining the route of the client’s goals, strengths, and weaknesses. Mr. Blair identifies the chances of risk tolerance as well as the opportunities available for financial growth. In this phase of financial planning, he builds a strong rapport with the client. It is also through the same period that Mr. Blair understands a client’s goals, objectives, and interests by establishing clear expectations.

Pillar Two

The second pillar is a roadmap to developing a workable, long-term strategy for a client’s investment scheme. This pillar is designed to fit into a client’s goals and objectives. Mr. Blair manages clients by relocating assets to assist capture maximum performance when the market is at its optimal stage. To achieve better results, he minimizes the effect of negative market periods on client’s portfolios.

Pillar Three

The third and last pillar is set to provide clients with established financial goals. Mr. Blair reviews strategies with the purpose of providing adequate liquidity as well as growth.

Personal Profile

Richard Dwayne Blair is a registered financial advisor. He works at Wealth Solutions, a company he founded in 1994. Before that, he was a student at the University of Houston. Mr. Blair majored in finance and financial management. Until now, he is prominent for developing a three-stage plan for client’s financial freedom.