Rene Vautier Passes Away

The committed filmmaker and anti-colonialist, director of the film on the war in Algeria “Being 20 in the Aures,” died on Sunday morning at age 86 in Britain, announced sorrowfully by his wife Soazig Chappedelaine Vautier.

The director, who was known for the flight, imprisonment, hunger strikes, threats and convictions pony can be claimed if “the French filmmaker’s most censored”. He was the author of “Africa 50”, short film made at age of 20, and it was the first anti-colonial film that was made and released in French cinema.

The work was censored for forty years and earned him a sentence of one year in prison. But he had firm belief in anti-colonialism. He remained in prison but his thought patterns remained same throughout his life.

He was very much focused about the wars in Algeria and created some masterpieces relating to this specific topic including “Nation of Algeria” (released in 1954), for which he was prosecuted for “undermining the internal security of the state”, and “Algeria in flames “(released in 1958). He was the director of “Being 20 in the Aures,” his best known work, which also received a high amount of critical praise at Cannes in 1972, including a lot of praise from North American Spine as well.

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