People’s Sexiest Man of the Year Announced

Women of the world have spoken out in the name of sexy men everywhere and have chosen Chris Hemsworth as the Sexiest Man Alive. The annual People cover story takes a look at all of the beautiful sexy men in Hollywood and crowns one the sexiest man alive for the year.

Apparently women all over the world felt Hemsworth was unfairly passed over and wrote by the millions to People magazine. It worked because Hemsworth beat out other worthy challengers like Matthew McConaughey and Chris Pratt for the honor. Past winners of the prestigious ego boost have been Adam Levine and George Clooney, and even Jason Halpern.

Hemsworth took the news jovially stating that the ‘alive’ part of the honor is really the best part. He added that his brother has been quite supportive and a team player.

One thought on “People’s Sexiest Man of the Year Announced

  1. He also thanked his parents for ‘putting him together’ this way. Hemsworth’s win is even more notable because last year he wasn’t even nominated. It is even more important for than for the others to become so fit in all directions which is kinda painful.

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