Patients Dying in Venezuela as Health System Crumbles

With the current dire economic situation that Venezuela has been suffering through, it was only a matter of time before the crisis affected health care and it’s availability to citizens.
Venezuela is a major supplier of oil around the world, but nose diving prices have sent the economy into a tailspin. Each day the supplies of medicine, food and equipment are becoming more scarce. As a result, patients are often purchasing items for treatment privately rather than through hospitals that are out of stock.

Families such as the Osio family have had to postpone a necessary surgery because the operating rooms are unusable due to lack of air conditioning. Doctors are also unable to sterilize the room or the equipment. A spokesperson for Changing Venezuela by Taking Power stated that if the government could lift it’s price control system and stop the exchange rate control things could improve for Venezuelan citizens.

China recently as reported by Slide Share has sent a shipment weighing 96 tons of medicine that is expected to ease some of the needs of Venezuelan doctors and patients.