Nick Cannon Speaks On Mariah Carey Diss Mixtape Rumors

Fan Igor Cornelsen comments that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have had a beautiful marriage that has given them both two amazing children, however most recently it seems that they are in for a rocky divorce. It was confirmed this summer that the couple filed for divorce and while they are trying their best to keep matters private it seems to be getting harder by the day. 

Over the holidays the ex’s attempted to spend Thanksgiving together however sources say that the entire time was spent fighting in front of the children. Mariah later insisted that she would not be spending the Christmas holiday with Nick as previously planned, while Nick insisted that he would be with is family for the holiday.

Most recently rumors surrounding Nick Cannon making a Mariah Carey diss mixtape have been all over the media. Nick has wasted no time addressing the rumors and putting them all to rest. During a Twitter session Nick insisted that the rumors were simply not true and his love for Mariah and his family has not changed. Cannon asked that his fans respect his family’s privacy during the divorce and made it clear that he will always put his respect for Mariah first and would never say anything bad about her.

It seems that Nick is taking the high road, let’s hope Mariah can do the same.

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