Miley Cyrus Loves CoCo

Anyone who knows Miley Cyrus, knows that she is full of controversy. Miley has recently stated how much she likes the song “CoCo, by O.T. Genasis. Miley even did a stint on stage with the artist, at a Miami club, where she wore a glittery wig, and was dancing around the stage. Miley Cyrus & CoCo. The song CoCo is quickly rising to fame and popularity on YouTube, and has gotten over 13 million hits since its release onto the website. With big artists like Miley Cyrus backing it, who knows how far the popularity of the song will go.

Recently, in New York, O.T. performed the song on stage, and he was alongside his mentor, who is Busta Rhymes. Unfortunately, Busta Rhymes was dancing extremely hard, and bobbing his head, while the music was playing, and he fell head first off the stage. Busta Rhymes ending up getting a bad cut on his head, but more than likely his ego was more badly bruised. The video of Busta Rhymes falling off the stage has been put on the internet, and also aired on TMZ recently.

Keith Mann says bad press from that fall did not hurt the popularity of the song, the fall might even make the song become more popular, especially seeing that the two were associated with the each other. All and all, O.T. may have some more fame to look forward to, and performing with Miley Cyrus, doesn’t hurt his chances of fame either.

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