Milan Kordestani- An Equestrian with Great Passion for Farming

Born in Stanford, California, Milan Kordestani is the Founder and CEO of the Milan farms, a professional equestrian and a contributing writer for Huffington Post. Milan expressed interest in riding horses since he was 10 years old. Upon completing his elementary studies at Philips Brooks Elementary School, he moved to London together with his family. In 2015, Milan Kordestani won his first award in horse riding during the Triple Crown horse riding competition. During World’s Champion Horse Show, he came fourth thus marking his first debut in professional horse riding. He further attained a 3rd position during the American Royal, which is basically the 3rd phase of Triple Crown. His experience in horse riding kept improving, and he was 2nd during Worlds Championship Show in 2016. Besides his notable achievements as a professional equestrian, Milan Kordestani also founded Milan Farm while still a student in high school.

His Milan Farm specializes in production of high quality poultry eggs. In addition to producing poultry eggs, the firm also specializes in producing saffron by engaging several farms throughout the country. After launching Milan Farms, Milan Kordestani became the first farmer to ever grow saffron on microfiber sponges. Milan Farm strives to give its clients an honest option. The farm embraces transparency when raising their animals. Unlike most farms, Milan Farms uses organic options for growing their plants. The firm believes that when choosing products, the client should be informed on exactly what they are picking. In addition to allowing the client knows what they are picking, the farm further believes that the client should get an honest option devoid of withholding any secrets. Milan Farm is always committed to providing their clients with best quality products. They also raise their animals humanely. Their community is their family, and therefore Milan Farms strives to make their community a community they can really be proud of. The farm has become a reputable logo and brand since 2016. It has acquired three new farms all of which supply eggs across West Coast area and throughout Colorado.


Milan Kordestani is a professional equestrian who has earned a reputation in the world of farming. He is also a scholar and hence is set to thrive in academic and business world in near future.