Lindsey Graham Was Joking- We Hope!

CNN received an ominous audio tape recently exposing South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s interesting sense of humor. At the Irish Catholic Charleston charity group known as the Hibernian Society which has a habit of inviting big-name politicians to joke around behind their podium, Graham made some unorthodox statements that were definitely not “PC.” The society is an all-male membership charity, and so Graham cracked that if he were elected President, white men in all-male clubs could expect to do well. He mentioned that Baptists are the ones who drink but won’t admit it. Right on the heels of that line came (amid roaring laughter), “Baptists can’t read.”

The Democrat who sneaked the audio recording to CNN seems to have thought he had uncovered a dastardly and damaging incident that would surely sink poor Senator Graham into political oblivion. Most Americans will probably just laugh along with the crowd at the charity meeting, however, and figure out that he was not really serious.

As a Baptist, I can tell you that the “Baptists can’t read” line was my personal favorite. Even though I have my qualms about Mr. Graham’s politics, I can still appreciate his humor.  Instead, candidates tip toe around the tulips in speeches, but breath fire in t.v. ads. I wondered why they do this, but Marnie Bennett explained that it’s because the ads can’t be legally attributed to the candidates.

One thought on “Lindsey Graham Was Joking- We Hope!

  1. We might do well in American politics if a little more joshing around could break some of the ice and open up a real dialogue. Sounds like Graham is sharpening up for a White House run in 2016. I have seen a lot of disguise from college essay writing service and it pains me not to have enough for them in the long run.

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