Lime Crime allows you to strut your unicorn stuff

If you have ever wanted to give your own spin to your hair color, then the product for you appears to be a new line of temporary hair dyes that will allow you to strut your unicorn stuff. Lime Crime recently announced they were rolling out this new line of hair dyes that will let anyone who has grown tired of just being a blonde or a brunette or a redhead a new direction to go.

In all, there are eight different colors you can try out and see what fits you. The best news of all is that because the dyes are all temporary, you can change it on a daily basis, or decide you want to go back to old reliable for a few days if the mood hits you.

Lime Crime was even nice enough to release some descriptors for these new dyes so you know exactly what you are getting should you decide to try one of thier unicorn dyes.

  • Moonchild: If you’ve ever wanted to see your hair with pastel tones aand just a hint of lavender, this is the color for you.
  • Cloud: People will think they’re looking up at the sky when they see this light blue tinted hair
  • Kawaii: This is a pastel purple look that will be loved if you’re hitting a crazy party.
  • Mint Ice: A more subtle greenish blue, this is something you’ll look great wearing at the office or on a night on the town.
  • Tweet: Think canary, rather than social media. If you’ve ever wondered just how blonde you can go, this will get lots of people telling you you’re a pretty hot chick.
  • Valentine: Live life as a special kind of redhead with this dark hue that makes our hearts go pitter-pat
  • Bubblegum Rose: Maybe redhead isn’t your thing, but you want to be in that family. This look is the one for you


  • Aesthetic: This is a full-coverage mauve dye is classy enough to wear to work and then hit the club for drinks after the day is over.