Kylie Kardashian Black Face?


This just in, a Kardashian makes internet headlines. What else is new? It seems like someone in the Kardashian family is always catching the attention of the world. However, I must admit that the recent Kardashian news is a bit amusing.

Kylie Jenner was recently featured as the cover model of a magazine, but that’s not what caused the headlines around the world. The Kylie Jenner photos made the young model appear as if she was wearing “black face.” The photos of Kylie Jenner were photoshoped, and the model looked extremely dark. The pictures were uploaded to Kylie Jenners Twitter, and shortly thereafter, thousands of people poked fun at the young Kardashian. However, adamant fans of Kylie Jenner believe that she was trying to appear as an otherworldly creature.

The Kardashians are constantly making news headlines, but Kylie Jenner is only starting her ridiculous career said Ivan Ong. However, I believe that Bruce Jenner will garner the most headlines that any Kardashian or Jenner has ever received. Why, you ask? Well, if you haven’t heard yet, Bruce Jenner will be undergoing a sex change in the near future. Soon, everything that any Kardashian has ever done will be completely erased from the minds of all. Kylie Jenner will not have to worry about the “black face” incident. For more information on the Kylie Jenner “black face,” visit Buzzfeed.

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