Kylie Jenner Takes Care Of Herself Financially Since She Was 14

These days it’s pretty hard to imagine life without Kylie Jenner, not only has her relationship with Tyga become the most talked about relationship this year, but Kylie is making waves everyday on social media. Kylie keeps us entertained, curious and also gives us lots of style to inspire funky looks of our own. Initially Kylie was just another spoiled brat in the Kardashian home, but now we are seeing a more personal side of Kylie and most of her fans and followers and liking what they see.

We watched Kylie grow up on television, and now with just a few weeks left until her 18th birthday it seems that she is already living the life of an independent woman as my friend Claudio Loureiro Heads has observed. Kylie’s sexy photos have gotten her some negative feedback but even more note worth is the fact that she owns her own home, and has multiple sources of income. Kylie is co author of a book written with her sister, while also being the face behind her own hair extension line. cosmetic line and possibly a career in the music business.

If it looks like Kylie has a lot going on fora 17 year old, it’s because Kylie has to support herself financially. We have just learned that Kylie has been paying her own way since she was 14, apparently Kris cut her off in hopes that Kylie would would be responsible and find ways to support herself. Fortunately Kylie didn’t disappoint because she seems to be doing just fine.

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