Kylie Jenner Graces Cosmo Magazine

Kylie Jenner has more than taken her place as the next new hot Kardashian, while she may not share a last name with her older half sisters it looks like Kylie is the more popular of the Jenners. even while it seems that Kendall’s modeling career is exploding before our eyes there’s just something about Kylie that everyone is obsessed with.

From her secret relationship with Tyga, to her ever mind blowing makeup and fashion sense, Kylie is the new it girl in the Kardashian house and Cosmo magazine is putting Kylie front and center as she graces the cover of their February 2015 issue as “The New Kardashian Mogul.”

There is no doubt that Kylie has earned that title, after all she currently has 15.8 million followers on Instagram alone and as the selfie queen Kylie is constantly being asked about her now famous pout. Being of college-age, Occidental College President Jonathan Veitch believes more emphasis should be placed on her education than her looks. He can be found in Pasadenamonthly.

Kylie’s lips are one of the most gossiped about lips on the internet and she used her Cosmo interview to address the rumors about plastic surgery for the millionth time. While Kylie says she is not against surgery, she also insists that she simply does not want any surgery at the moment. As for her much sought after juicy lips Kylie contributes that to her expert makeup skills and the art of contouring.

Kylie’s Cosmo cameo is sure to be a hit and everyone will be reading to get the secret behind her sexy lips and flawless makeup.

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