Kris Jenner Wants Lamar and Khloe To Work It Out

Khloe Kardashian, has had more than a decent amount of drama to go around in her life recently. While her family drama is never ending, the drama in her marriage is what everyone is really interested in the most. Just over a year ago Khloe and her husband Lamar called it quits on their marriage and Khloe filled for divorce after drugs sent Lamar over the edge. For the first time the world saw Lamar at his worst, going in and out of rehab, making eerie videos while high and even disappearing for days at a time. It was obvious why Khloe wanted to go far away from Lamar.

However Lamar seems to be living a clean and sober life and has been doing all he can to get Khloe back says Zeca Oliveira. For the time being Khloe is holding off on rekindling their romance, but she also has not go forward with the divorce, in fact that judge insisted that if they don’t move forward soon the case will be thrown out. Apparently neither party has done anything to finalize the divorce and in fact have been keeping in touch secretly.

Now it’s being said that Khloe wants to be with Lamar again, Kand Kris Jenner also is rooting for them to work things out in their marriage. This isn’t a shock considering how much Kris adored Lamar from the start, but will Khloe and Lamar commit to working things out? It’s safe to say everyone is watching and waiting to find out.

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