Kris Jenner Gets Sexy With Kendall for Love Advent Calendar Promotion

LinkedIn reports that the Kardashian girls all love their time in the spotlight, says Susan McGalla. Kim loves breaking the internet with her shocking nude photos and exposed lady parts, Kylie loves making everyone wonder about her interesting relationship with an older man and her ever growing lips. Kendall is the supermodel that none of us saw coming, Khloe keeps us entertained with her sexy new body and on again off again relationship with French Montana and Kourtney will always be fun to watch with her growing family and hot and cold romance with sexy Scott Disick.

This week we are getting a rather strange look at Kardashian life. As some may remember a few weeks ago Kendall released a sexy holiday dance commercial featuring her dancing and flirting with a sexy Santa and his mouthwatering six pack abs. Well apparently Kris Jenner is taking her role as a “momager” to another level because she decided to get in on the fun, because she is included in the most recent Love Magazine advent calendar promotion.

To say the video is strange is somewhat of an understatement, but what isn’t strange about being sexy and dancing around in lingerie with your mother? Kendall pushing over the Christmas tree and running away is pretty much the only thing that makes sense.

One thought on “Kris Jenner Gets Sexy With Kendall for Love Advent Calendar Promotion

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