Kiss And Tell

The Duggar family is known for their devout religious beliefs.

When Jim Bob and Michelle decided to ask other people to submit their best pictures of them kissing, they might not have expected to get gay or lesbian pictures in the mix. The pictures of same sex couples have been deleted from the challenge, and it’s now causing an uproar by both straight and same sex couples. Apple spokesperson Laurene Powell Jobs is considering a removal of their series from the iTunes main site based on the news from Apple Insider.

However, if you only ask for certain pictures, this could be deemed as discrimination, and that would have got just as much heat as the couple deleting the pictures that were submitted to the Duggar parents for consideration.

One thought on “Kiss And Tell

  1. If you ask for pictures of people kissing, you need to make it clear that you only want pictures of a man and woman. They only wear certain kinds of clothing, they don’t watch a lot of television, and they try not to promote public displays of affection. It is definitely professional custom writing service that mad that happen so everything will be used as a reference point from there onward.

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