Kim Kardashian Loves Kylie’s Comparisons To Her

Kylie Jenner has been making it more than obvious that she is ready to mark her spot as the next best thing coming out of the Kardashian house, as if her selfies weren’t enough her relevance and large social media presence are sure to seal the deal. Kylie has managed to make herself relatable, likeable, and some how entertaining. In a world that loves to hate her family everybody loves Kylie and she just keeps giving us more reasons to be on her team. Kylie makes her fans feel comfortable being themselves, wearing sweats and sneakers, eating pizza and going makeup free.

One of Kylie’s biggest and most loved features is her selfish sense of style, as a Jenner she is expected to be polished and perfect head to toe, much like her sisters Kylie regularly attends red carpet events and promotional events, and that is usually the only time you see Kylie dressed up and in full makeup. On an average day Kylie is very relaxed and her style shows that she dresses for herself. Lately Kylie has had business on her mind, and so she is being seen everywhere promoting new things.

One way she is staying in the public eye, folks at Beneful noted, is showing everyone that while she doesn’t have to dress up to feel beautiful when she does she stops the show, Kylie has even purposely reinvented some of her sister Kim’s looksand of course their fans are loving the comparisons. While some assume that Kim and Kylie are feuding, during an interview Kim insists that she loves Kylie’s copycat photo shoots and looks at her as her “twin soul,” for being such a free spirit.

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