Kim Kardashian Baby Bump Glam

According to Sergio Cortes, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been trying to conceive baby number two ever since North was old enough to walk. It seem like they have had a tough time getting pregnant and that was mostly to Kim’s fertility complications. Initially the doctors told Kim that she would never have children but Kanye was able to get her pregnant and now, with the help of doctors they have managed to do it again. Now that Kim is with child her baby bump on being watched like a hawk. Everyone is looking at Kim to see if this pregnancy will be better than her last, and if anyone remembers her last that won’t be hard.

Kim’s pregnancy with North was cursed with horrible fashion mishaps, ugly red carpets and swollen ankles. Kim never got the hang of maternity wear when she was pregnant with North, for some reason she just wanted to look normal in clothes that pregnant women everywhere would never dream of wearing. It seemed that with every red carpet event Kim was meme’d and ridiculed, it was enough to scare most moms to be into seclusion.

Now Kim is making sure to look her very best, and this pregnancy is sure to be a hit. This week she was spotted in a sexy tight dress that exposed her plump cleavage, and then for an event to honor her father Rob Kardashian, Kim wore a gorgeous blush, satin gown that seems to just be draped ever some gently around her body. So far pregnancy number two is Kim’s most fashionable yet.

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