Jurassic World Crushes The Competition

As massive as the dinosaurs that fill its titular park, Jurassic World has proved to be a giant success with moviegoers in its opening weekend. As reported by The Verge, The sequel to the Jurassic Park series has bested industry expectations by pulling in an unprecedented $511,8 million dollars in global ticket sales, placing it in the history books as the first film to garner more than half a billion in ticket sales on their opening weekend. Domestically, more than $200 million dollars were collected, putting the film on par with other big budget summer movies as The Avengers way back in 2012. And from those $300 million in international sales, approximately one third comes from China alone.

Dissection of revenue aside, Universal has found a success with this fourth foray into the world Micheal Crichton built. They even gone as far to state that their domestic box office haul is a conservative estimate. If this pans out as true, Jurassic World could easily best financial successes such as The Avengers films, showing that fans care less about gripes from paleontologists about dinosaur accuracy and more about Chris Pratt’s increasing allure as a leading man.

Pratt, who wowed comic book fans and movie audiences alike with Guardians of the Galaxy and The Lego Movie, can be expected to return to the land of dinosaurs in the future for the inevitable sequels he’s signed on for. Mikal Watts certainly feels like he is an emerging star.

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