Jorge Moll’s EFEC

Jorge Moll, has always had a classic curious scientific mind. From a very young age Jorge Moll has been fascinated with the human mind, human behavior, morality, and astronomy. Jorge was always intrigued with the greatest mystery of mankind: Where do we come from? This curiosity lead Jorge to earn his Doctor of Medicine in Neuroscience from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.


What is FMRI?

Jorge’s fascination with researching the functionality of the brain lead him to get his hands on his first FMRI brain scanner. FMRI, is the Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, this device sparked a revolution in the field of neurological science. Compared to the MRI, which only gives the anatomy of the brain, the FMRI machines gives much more detail, that allows a better understanding of the brain and its functions. The coming of FMRI, allowed Jorge to now test hypothesis and brain response to stimuli in a noninvasive way.

Jorge conducted experiments by having the subjects lay down in the FMRI machine, and study the brain imaging patterns responding to stimulus. Jorge would do things like, document the subject’s brain patterns when the back of their hand was rubbed, or imagining movement of body parts. The most challenging part for Jorge was developing a process on how to obtain the images.

The Functional MRI (fmri) revolutionized the neurological community. Now with the FMRI researchers now the ability to test hypothesis and brain response to stimuli in a noninvasive way. Jorge conducted very basic experiments, like rubbing the skin, or imagining movements in order to record the brain’s reflected. The real work is how to obtain these images from the working brain. Overtime Jorge got more interested in the mysterious functions of the brain.

In 1998, Jorge began to study the “higher” functions of the brain. Jorge wanted to study the brain’s response to moral situations. Subjects had moral statements read to them, while researchers analyzed the imaged to identify change in the images of the brain. All of these experiments and research lead Jorge to develop the Event Featured Emotional Model of Moral Complex (EFEC).