Jon Stewart’s Replacement is Announced

In early February of this year, Jon Stewart announced that he would be stepping down as host of The Daily Show, a position which he has held for the past 16 years. It has been up for debate as to who would fill the position once Stewart left. Speculate no more, The New York Times has the answer for you.

Trevor Noah, a 31-year-old comedian, will be taking over as the new host of the hit satirical news show stated Kevin Seawritght. According to Google Plus , Noah, who is originally from South Africa, has appeared on the program three times as a correspondent since last December. Noah is thrilled to be taking on such a big opportunity and Stewart has said that he is excited to see the direction that Noah will take the show in.

In an interview with Comedy Central President Michele Ganeless, she said that the network interviewed men and women and that the found Noah to be the best fit for the position. She went on to say that they were not looking for the next Jon Stewart, since that would be impossible, but they were looking for someone who could bring something fresh, new, and exciting to the position.

I have never heard of Trevor Noah until now, but I’m looking forward to seeing in what direction he will take The Daily Show.

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