Jason Gottlieb Remains In Place With Visium Asset Management

Visium Asset Management announced in June of 2016 that it would soon be significantly scaling back the scope of its operations. The changes were being made in response to what many believed to be the mismanagement of bonds within the company. Jacob Gottlieb, the founder, and CIO of Visium has emerged as the only executive of note to remain in a position of power within the company.

Visium is a hedge fund focused on the healthcare industry launched by Gottlieb in 2005. The company began with 20 investment partners and the expertise Jason Gottlieb had previously acquired in both healthcare and finance made him perfect for the task at hand. Gottlieb graduated with a degree in medicine from New York University and after completing his requirements as an intern decided instead to opt for a career on Wall Street.

Jason Gottlieb began his career on Wall Street in 1988 as a buy-side analyst for Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. where he worked for two years focusing his efforts on global healthcare before moving on to Merlin Biomed Group where he was a healthcare portfolio manager.

The next rung on the career ladder for Jason Gottlieb was a position with Balyasny Asset Management where he caught the attention of many due to his ability to build productive teams and a growing reputation for making moves to facilitate large portfolio gains. While an employee at BAM, Gottlieb earned the distinction as a top earner for the firm.

Jason Gottlieb soon grew restless in his position with BAM due to the desire he possessed to manage larger amounts of money. The team Gottlieb assembled at BAM joined him in launching Visium and the company was started with $300 million in seed money.

Visium grew rapidly and Gottlieb realized another great success with the company. At its height, the company was in charge of managing a hedge fund worth more than $8 billion and employed 170 employees.

The alleged asset mismanagement and resulting fallout did not result in any wrongdoing being proven against Jason Gottlieb and he continues to work with Visium Asset Management as the company’s CIO.


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