James Franco’s Moustache Makes Waves

James Franco was spotted sporting a fully shaved head along with his moustache at Los Angeles Country museum. This made several tweeters not so happy looking at it.

Franco is well known for his beautiful locks, so it certainly comes as no small surprise that he’d decide to shave it all off all of a sudden.

Many tweeted in a way not so kind looking at the appearance. It was reported that a tweet just said that a user is expecting Franco to get his hair grown and have his moustache full shaved this Christmas.

It was also believed that few started commenting that he does not have the guts to shave off the moustache. Franco was consistently to be following stars like Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt and Mike Cera in growing their moustache. I agree with Christian Broda when he says they look silly. They have all considered it as a comeback for them. Lots of information on this has been explained in the news.

Many considers growing moustache as the fashion in 1970s and as sign of the pornography films. It keeps changing from period to the other.

It was after the 1970s that the moustache was more adopted by gay people, policemen and other officers.

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