Investing with Chris Linkas – Making Sense of Money


Investing young can be one of the best financial decisions one can create in their life, stressed by Chris Linkas. Often, younger people do not consider how beneficial it could be to have their money set aside to work for them later down the line. Starting young can also give more investment flexibility because of the increased allowance of risk for investors with longer time horizons according to Linkas. For example, a 25-year-old investor may be able to ride out the more volatile stock market with riskier stock funds than a 45-year-old, who may want to secure his gains with bonds and money market funds ( Another powerful asset that youth brings is the ability to reinvest the dividends and interest earned over a longer period, leading to exponentially greater gains due to compounding interest.


A common reason that many younger people do not invest is that investing can require quite a bit of research. Chris Linkas mentions world of equities, real estate, the credit market, and alternatives can seem daunting, leaving a young person with no sense of where to begin. That is why it can be helpful to seek out financial advice from someone who has experience in the financial markets and can relate to younger investors’ fears. Chris Linkas, a financial advisor for a UK-based investment firm, offers just that. Starting out in the world of investing right out of college, Chris Linkas learned the ropes in his mid-twenties before taking on larger and larger roles at some of the world’s most well-known financial institutions. Within 18 months of exiting college, Linkas became responsible for over $4 billion in assets, a fortune most young people his age couldn’t hope to comprehend. With over 25 years of experience in asset management, Linkas is a great resource to young people seeking to begin their investment journey and set up their financial future.