Innovation In CVS Pharmacy And Amazon With Drew Madden

Although no person’s life can be guaranteed once they’re born into our society, we, as humans, should be proud of our world’s average person’s life expectancy is just short of 85 years of age in some countries, though the world average is well above 70.

The United States is known for having high qualities of doctors, medical equipment, hospitals, and just about everything else associated with healthcare. However, it spends roughly $9,200 per United States resident, far more than any country on planet Earth.

Solving the current problems of healthcare isn’t easy, though innovation will likely rear its creative head in whatever solutions brilliant minds will figure out, as innovation has been present through virtually all advancements throughout the entire history of medicine, its research, and practice.

CVS Pharmacy, the largest such company of its kind in the United States, and Amazon, the world’s largest digital retailer of goods, are flexing considerable innovation in competing against one another. Towards the end of calendar year 2017, Amazon applied for licenses in more then two handfuls’ worth of states to distribute equipment used in healthcare. As soon as this year, 2018, Amazon could expand into the world of prescription drugs, making its deep nationwide presence and intimidating financial stature a staunch source of worry for CVS Pharmacy, not to mention its smaller competitors in the world of pharmaceutical retailing. For more details visit Crunchbase.

In order to beef up the perceived value customers get from CVS Pharmacy, it recently began delivering patients’ medicines directly to their doorstep. CVS Pharmacy and other pharmacy benefits managers will certainly be incentivized to offer more benefits to consumers, or risk facing revenue losses potentially so substantial that they run out of business.

Both retailers are trying their hardest to own anything and everything related to healthcare consumers. Soon enough, we’ll see if that goal can be attained by Amazon, CVS Pharmacy, or, maybe even, both of them. Check out for more.

About Drew Madden

The current Managing Partner of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew, is known for being innovative in his field, healthcare information technology. Drew is one of the best in IT in healthcare.

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