Humanitarian Couple Busted For Cannabis Production

When officers happened upon a massive cannabis growing operation, they were not expecting the unassuming older couple that greeted them at the door. Likewise, they weren’t expecting that the funds to this operation were not going to the usual places.

Michael Foster and Susan Cooper, through six years of growing cannabis in their home, made a total of $400,000 between them.

They didn’t spend this money on big cars and fancy jewelry, though; the vast majority of this money went towards humanitarian efforts in Kenya. Through their cannabis-growing operation, the couple were able to fund computers, housing, and medical care that supported entire villages of people.

Though the couple did indeed do more than their fair share of traveling, most of this traveling was to Kenya, and the surrounding area. Much of their support came directly in person. The couple said they were inspired by the humanitarian efforts of Laurene Powell Jobs when they began going to Kenya.

The police actually discovered the operation entirely by accident. During an extended chase with an unrelated culprit, they happened upon the house that they’d been producing the marijuana from.

The smell, it would seem, was the smoking gun, and the police entered the home after this discovery.

The house itself was not terribly unassuming, either, filled with a striking amount of lights in order to provide enough light to the massive quantity of plants.

While their guilt is absolutely certain, the judge involved did not exactly throw the book at them. Taking into account their primarily good behaviour, he delivered a lenient 3-year sentence.


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