How Did Guilherme Paulus Grow To Be An International Entrepreneur?

Life as an entrepreneur in Brazil is difficult because of high taxes, top-heavy bureaucracy, and lack of venture capital. Although being an entrepreneur in Brazil is rewarding, it comes with a lot of challenges that one must overcome to be successful. To be a successful entrepreneur in any market, one needs to identify the needs of the industry and introducing innovative and unique products and services to address them just like Guilherme Paulus.

Guilherme Paulus is considered as an international entrepreneur. He runs GJP Resort and Hotels, a brand of resorts and hotels located in various parts of the country. In addition, he is the co-founder and chairman of CVC, one of the best tour operators in the country. Through Paulus’s efforts, the CVC has managed to have international recognition. The drive and ambition of Paulus are complemented through his attitude of serving the community. Below are reasons as to how Guilherme Paulus became a successful investor.

First, he has an unprecedented vision of tourism in the country. For example, Mr. Paulus placed CVC outlet at the broad street of Santo André which attracted many moviegoers. His goal was to increase adventure, exploration, and fantasy in the tourism sector. He changed the vision of the Brazilian tourism industry through his vision.

Second, Guilherme Paulus made CVC go public by selling 63% to the public and retaining 27%. This helped him to raise more funds to help the company expand to other areas of the country. Since then, the company has grown to be the largest tourism company in Latin America and Brazil with over $5.2 billion in sales per year.

Third, Guilherme Paulus believes that for one to be successful, he or she needs to stay connected with his or her business and clients. Mr. Paulus often travel to different areas of the country and even outside the country to talk with the clients of the company.

In addition, Guilherme believes in partnerships, and this is why he has partnered with various businesses such as airlines, hotels, cruise ships and other specialty groups in the tourism industry.