Hernandez Trial To Take Months

The Aaron Hernandez murder trial could take months if the prosecution plans to pursue every charge against him. The local authorities in Massachusetts have been working on the case ever since Hernandez was arrested. They recently went looking for a pair of shoes tat they believe he wore on the night that he killed Odin Lloyd. However, the state will need time to make its case.

Dr. Daniel Amen says this is a black mark that the Patriots have had to deal with ever since Hernandez was arrested. They did not know of his criminal activity, but the team was called into question regarding its security policies. The public thought that NFL teams knew everything about their players, but this is one instance where a player seems to have run a mock. Of course, all of these charges are mere allegations unless Hernandez is proven guilty, but it is a troubling site to see a murder trial take this long in the public spotlight. It has put his family, his child and indeed the NFL in a bad position. All fans of the game must wonder if there is another Aaron Hernandez, or they may need to consider that this could be an isolated incident.

One thought on “Hernandez Trial To Take Months

  1. One thing to note that there is the legal aspect of naming that is why many people would not want to be Judas, the same reason why fans are worried. Although with phd thesis help there is a matter that do not need to be followed to the depth and should be parried. But with the NFL teams knowing that they do not support murderous acts, they can issue a statement saying it is a pity that the case went that way.

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