Gulf Coast Western Receives Testimonials Highlighting Their Great Work

Gulf Coast Western LLC is an oil and gas firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They were established in 1970. They explore, acquire, and develop oil and gas reserves throughout the Gulf Coast region. They have developed a number of strategic partnerships and operate three subsidiaries which are Frac Restraints LLC, Gulf Coast Western Energy Services, and Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration, LLC. They are led by their President and Chief Executive Officer Matthew H. Fleeger.

They have operations in Texas, Colorado, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. They own thousands of acres of land in areas that have shown themselves to be actively producing regions. They are looking to expand into further parts of the United States, ensuring that each one meets their stringent criteria when it comes to geologic and financial success.

This company has a number of testimonials from their past and present partners. One of these came from Insurance Executive Mike Szot. He said that he started investing in Gulf Coast Western before he had much in the way of knowledge about the oil and gas industry. The team at this company gave him a great education, though, and now he understands the entire drilling process.

The former CEO of Greyhound, Frank Schmieder, also provided his thoughts on Gulf Coast Western. He says that he first became one of their investors three years ago as a way of further diversifying his financial portfolio. During this time he has entered into six joint venture partnerships with this company and feels very comfortable working with them.

Gulf Coast Western is a socially responsible company. They have supported many not-for-profits over the years including local ones as well as national in scope. Among the local charities they have supported are The Family Place, North Texas Food Bank, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, and Parish Episcopal School. The national nonprofits they have financially supported include the American Cancer Society, Smile Train, and Shriners Hospitals for Children.

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