Great Leadership and How Jeffry Schneider Does It

Everyone wants great leaders. Either someone wants to be a great leader, or they want to be an employee of one. On the flip side, almost everyone knows what it is like to suffer under bad leadership. Team cohesion and productivity drop, and people dread coming into work. Clearly, these are things that anyone aspiring to be a leader should avoid. So, what are some characteristics of great leadership that people should aspire to?

Lead by Example: This is a great characteristic that anyone trying to become a better leader should develop. No one likes working for someone who constantly orders them around while seemingly doing nothing themselves. A good leader should exemplify the work ethic that employees should have. This means being hard working and encouraging. Knowing that the leader is working hard for the benefit of the company can help create a great work atmosphere.

Delegate: While the point above is important, it can be taken too far. Sometimes, in an effort to try and get things done the right way, a leader can take too much on themselves. This typically ends up in burnout for the leader and a loss in quality or quantity of the product or service the company is offering. In other words, trying to take too much on yourself as a leader will end up hurting either yourself or the business. Properly delegating tasks can help save you and help grow employees’ abilities and confidence.

Encouraging Yet Challenging: While these two characteristics may seem opposed to each other, they complement one another quite well. Everyone needs encouragement to do the best job possible. Often people need challenges as well. This does not need to be a negative thing. What is meant by challenging is telling employees that, as a leader, you know that they have the potential to do even more and better as a group. Thus, challenging is not a negative experience, but rather calling out to people’s full potential.

Clarity: Be clear when trying to convey a message or a set of tasks. One way to help ensure clarity is by having employees repeat what you have told them, or to summarize their role in a specific task. This helps to ensure that the employee knows what they are supposed to do, as well as offering an opportunity for any immediate corrections. This method can be used for any important communication that must be understood clearly.


As CEO, Jeffry Schneider utilizes many of the methods and characteristics laid out above. He is hard working and determined to lead his firm to new heights. He also believes in assigning tasks to individuals, rather than having a vague outline for the team in general. In his meetings, he always attempts to be very clear in his communication, often utilizing the method for clarification outlined above. He always insists on staying on point in meetings as well, and tries to make sure that the conversation in a meeting ultimately helps achieve the main objective. These are only some of the ways that Jeffry Schneider demonstrates great leadership qualities.