Glen Wakeman Mentors CEO’s with LaunchPad Toolkit

Glen Wakeman is CEO and Co-founder of Launchpad Holdings, but he began at the University of Scranton where he earned his undergraduate degree in economics and finance. Several years later Mr. Wakeman went to the University of Chicago for his MBA. Then spent 20 years working for GE capital, eventually leading up to CEO of GE Money Latin America. During his work with GE and the travels that job entailed Glen Wakeman started to wonder why so many businesses failed in the early stages.

During his research in early-stage business practices Mr. Wakeman discovered that the majority of these businesses had no structure to support their ideas, and thus no viable plan for success (Entrepreneur).

In 2015 Glen Wakeman Co-founded Launchpad Holdings. Launchpad Holdings is a software Service Company that offers tools needed for early growth and capital development. This software helps with risk management, leadership development, human capital, implantation and governance. With the help of Launchpad Holdings many businesses in the early stages have a better understanding and chance at making their Vision a success.

As well as being Co-founder of LaunchPad Glen Wakeman is also a big mentor to up-and-coming CEOs and start-up businesses. He posts three-step tips and advice on blog sites educating on running a successful company. One piece of advice he gives most often is to stay in contact with everyone. Acquaintances and friends can mean the difference between a successful business and a failed business. He suggest using social media such as Facebook or Twitter to help maintain these contacts.

Mr. Wakeman has also expressed an interest in using machines to solve business problems. He has stated that machine learning may be able to facilitate decision-making and increase quality, but he does have concerns about privacy and hopes that philosophy and politics can work together to preserve Humanity while at the same time keeping up with technological advances.