End Citizens United Effort to Eradicate Dark Money in Politics

The Political Action United, End Citizens United, was established on 1st may 2015 with ordinary people as main donors. The PAC was established with a mission of dismantling the political system which is filled with rigging and creating reformed finance champions who pass state ballot measures. It was also the mandate of the PAC to combat big money used in politics. End Citizens United believes in accomplishing its mission through the use of grassroots donors, electing pro-reform candidates, and prioritizing the issue of money in politics.


Reform Strategy


The End Citizens United depended on strong leadership comprised of people committed to seeing Big Money out of politics and help restore power to the regular America citizens. Democratic operatives were also actively used by the PAC in helping people realize the influence money has on politics as well as help stop the habit.


The End Citizens United main agenda is restoring democracy in the country. With the help of investors who believe in their course, the PAC’s grew fast towards its goal. Among the Democratic leaders who supported the PACs decision included Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet and former Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold among nine others.


The PAC Goals


Within the first few months of its launching, the political action had already managed to collect $2 million from small donors. This was just a fraction of the tens of millions they had planned funneling for the Democrats who were running for various positions in the 2016 elections.


In 2010, PACs unleashed dark money in politics and five years later the End Citizen United group had a goal of seeing the decision by the Supreme Court amended. Over 35,000 people had signed with the PAC demanding the Congress pass legislation that will help the PAC in stopping dark money from being used in politics.


Support for Democratic


The End Citizen United was backing up everyone who was for campaign reforms and those who were under attack by the billionaire Koch brothers among other dark money sources. The Democratic Party in this case received massive backup as it stood with the group’s agenda. Majority of Republicans were also in support of the group’s agenda of getting dark money out of politics, but they were overturning the Supreme Court decision. End Citizens United felt that this stand had to stop and therefore didn’t not backup Republicans.


Meaningful Agenda


According to Rick Hansen, a campaign finance regulation expert, End United and such other related groups plan are meaningful as they help create awareness to the public about Supreme Court decisions. They are also helpful in putting pressure on the Supreme Court and political actors who try to make things worse during campaign periods.