Efforts of Susan McGalla to the Higher Position

Susan McGalla is considered as a great American businesswoman. She is the executive consultant that has played a massive role in the field of business from the Pittsburgh Pennyslyvania. Aside from that, she has served as the president of the American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Furthermore, she was also the chief executive officer at Wet Seal Inc. Her service in various companies has contributed to her skills and experience.

Susan McGalla is known to be a pragmatic leader who has pushed many companies to the required niche and help them achieve their set objectives. Susan McGalla has become a role model to many women who are struggling to rise to the high position in different organizations. Her massive contribution to the position of leadership that she has served in has leveled the workplace opportunities for both men and women. Susan McGalla rose to her position through her own efforts.

McGalla worked her way from being the executive to the rank of the president in the Company. Her commitment within the American Eagle Outfitters marked her great achievement as she helped the company navigate its way in achieving the objectives. McGalla is now the founder of the P3 Executive Consulting. Furthermore, she is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. Her innovative nature in the world of business made her conceptualize the idea of “wear what we wear” that made a lot of people purchase the Steeler gear. The confidence that McGalla had in the workplace enabled her to handle arising challenges with ease.

Though the efforts that Susan McGalla has made is encouraging to women, most of the does not bear the resilience that matches the level of her. She has initiated the campaign that advocates for the support of the women. This acts as the real platform for the leadership position for women. Furthermore, the initiative of the network for women creates the women cohesion within the industry and allows them to share ideas.

Susan McGalla through her various initiatives and efforts has proved that women are capable of holding the position as men. She has provided many opportunities for women in the executive positions.

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