CTCA Offers Leading-Edge Cancer Treatment Services.

Cancer Treatment Center of America (CTCA) is a national, five hospitals network, care for and treat cancer patients in the vast United States. CTCA was founded in 1988 and it has its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, after it was moved from Schaumburg, Illinois in 2015. The five hospitals under CTCA are located in big metropolitan areas, which are (1) Tusla, Oklahoma; (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; (3) Chicago, Illinois; (4) Atlanta, Georgia; (5) Phoenix, Arizona.

All these five cancer centers are equipped with ultra-modern technologies, cutting-edge treatments, and cancer experts in order to provide personalized, full care to the patients. CTCA has employed an integrative treatment approach to cancer which uses the current approaches such as immunotherapy, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy for cancer treatment. At the same time, they provide integrative supportive therapies to help the patients curb the side effects of cancer such as nausea, pain, lymphedema, depression, fatigue, malnutrition and anxiety. Through this, the patients are able to remain strong, have the stamina and maintain their quality of life.

Due to the frequent dynamicity of cancer treatment, due to the emergence of new discoveries and breakthroughs every now and then, CTCA has a team specialist on cancer treatment alone. This is to ensure that the effective cancer treatment for a specific cancer is rendered to the specific patient. This team of oncologists has undergone advanced training on the various cancers, covering a wide range of the available cancer treatment options.

For CTCA it is very vital for each patient to receive a specialized care plan fit for them, since no two cancer patients are completely the same, neither are any two cancers completely similar. In order to meet the patients need and treatment goals, CTCA ensures that the patient and the caregivers are part of every step of the patient’s treatment journey, while the expert team provides them with empowerment in order for them to make informed decisions.Through their partnership with WebMD, CTCA is able to provide helpful information to the patients, their friends and relatives to enable them press through the cancer experience.

Richard J Stephenson is the founder of CTCA. This was after his mother who was diagnosed with cancer earlier on died and Richard felt that the treatment options available then were not satisfactory. He opened the first facility in 1988 in Zion, Illinois at Midwestern Regional Medical center. The rest of them were opened later on in between 2005 and 2012.

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