Shows How Lines Are Moving for NFL Week 13

The 2016 NFL season is coming to a close. A lot of people are looking at week 13. In particular, as the top source of NFL odds,, notes, “wiseguys” are putting forth their opinion about the lines and spreads. A video interview was posted at the website. Johnny Avello, who works in management at Wynn Las Vegas, discussed the major line moves that are occurring during week 13. NFL odds are in flux a lot of the time. Lines don’t always remain stagnant. This interview drives that point about football odds home.

The Lions are playing the Saints and Avello notes the Saints started out as a four-point favorite are now a five-point favorite. Considering how strong the Lions have performed this year, the line might be a little surprising. As Avello mentions, the Saints want to head strong into the playoffs. They want to keep winning. A motivated team is hard to beat. Motivated teams may choose to rush and press for more touchdowns. Making them a bigger favorite makes sense in light of the drive the team is figured to bring into the game.

The Lions vs. the Saints is not the only game spawning discussion. The Dolphins vs. the Ravens opened with Baltimore at -3, which indicates a tight, even game. Those can be hard to predict. One field goal is enough to tie the game so making a pick can be a bit hard. No one ever said getting reliable football odds means its easy to make a proper winning prediction. Gambling always requires a judgment call and watching the games can be an experience filled with a lot of drama.

The Giants and the Steelers opened with Pittsburgh at -5.5, another game that may very well be close. The rivalry between the two northeast team dates back decades. Both teams are sure to put on a great showing. The Giants are the favorite as the current NFL odds indicate. The game is sure to garner solid television ratings. Again, the rivalry of these two teams has a long history. The history is sure to translate into fan and gambler interest. is a great resource for lines and odds. The NFL odds revealed on the site are interesting. Those wishing to learn more about sports odds definitely should look at the odds published on Viewing the solid video interviews on the site also helps with learning more about odds.